What is luxury vinyl tile flooring?

Luxury vinyl tile (LVT) flooring is one format of luxury vinyl flooring (LVF). With LVT flooring, the material is cut into all different tile-sized pieces. Like all LVF, this is an amazingly realistic mimic of genuine materials, available in a large variety of colors, patterns, and designs. It is a terrific alternative waterproof, durable, and easy to care when budget or moisture considerations make it impossible to go with real wood, stone, or tile.

Stylish floor imaging

Any LVF is a layered product, with an underlayment, core, photographic image and wear layer. The photographic image is taken with 3D photography, so it’s remarkably clear and accurate. With this kind of photography, you'll see every knot, grain, and veining variation. Colors and patterns will be vibrant, seeming to "pop."

The images are then embossed to add depth and dimension with textured appearances such as hand-scraped, wire-brushed, weathered, or distressed. Finishes come in all colors, available in matte, gloss or high-gloss versions. While LVT is one format, the material can also be cut into planks (LVP) to mimic hardwood boards, as well as sometimes being used to mimic stone.

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Thickness matters in flooring

A thicker floor provides more stability and comfort. LVF should have an overall thickness of at least 8-mm, 9-mm, or above and, while you can get a thinner material, it can be lesser quality. Be sure to also consider thickness if you spend long periods standing in a room, such as a kitchen.

The wear layer, a top clear, melamine wear sheet, is the key to the durability of LVT. It protects the floor from scratches and scuffs and stains, keeping spills from being absorbed. The recommended thickness of a wear layer for residential use is 20-mils. It is the wear layer that will determine the longevity of your floor.

LVF has a floating floor installation technique. This method, which is fast and uncomplicated, has a click-and-lock mechanism that forms a mat to hover over subfloors without nails or glue. Subfloor conditions are a consideration and must be clean, dry, and level. Sometimes the installer will even sand it to be sure it's even; otherwise, the surface floor will be askew.

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