How to select hardwood floors

Hardwood flooring adds richness and charm to any home, but selecting the right wood floor means considering three things: budget; the room in which it's to be installed; and design. Sometimes installation techniques can also be a consideration. Chandler's Floor & Wall Covering has been in operation since 1960 and because we are locally-owned, we can give you a level of expertise and customer service not found in the Big Box national chains.

Considering foot traffic

While all hardwood is hard, some species are softer than others. If you are installing hardwood in a bedroom or a living room that is only used when guests arrive, there will be a lot less foot traffic than if it's to be installed in a family room or hallway. Also consider room size because that affects whether you want light, medium, or dark wood tones. Does the room have a sunny southern exposure? That might affect the window covering choices because you’ll want to protect the floor.

Are you installing in a room that’s below grade level, such as the basement? If so, it’s recommended that you use engineered wood flooring. The engineered version features a different construction, making it more stable and better able to handle water. Below grade levels are higher-than-normal moisture areas, so solid is not recommended there, but an engineered floor is.

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"Big picture" budget and design choices

Exotic species, such as Tigerwood or Brazilian Cherry, are beautiful, dramatic, and more expensive than domestics, but remember that all wood is long-lasting so there are few, if any, replacement costs. Engineered wood floors may be a tad more expensive than solid, but you can save money on the installation end. The engineered flooring technique is the fast and uncomplicated floating floor, while solid hardwood is more time-consuming and may require subfloor restoration.

Do you want a wide or narrow plank? Wide planks, which are trending right now, are more traditional and, because of the size, the knots, grains, and swirls are easier to see. Speaking of knots, grains, and swirls, would you prefer a species, such as oak or knotty pine, that have an abundance of these features, or would you rather be more subtle with a species such as cherry?

Your hardwood flooring experts

Chandler's Floor & Wall Covering has everything you need from start to finish, including in-home consultations. We’ve been in operation since 1960, so come into our St. Albans, WV showroom to join our family of happy customers and get a free quote on your next wood flooring project. We service Saint Albans, WV.