Bath & shower remodeling


Considering a shower and bathroom remodel?

Bathrooms, those small areas also known as the “wettest room in the house,” play a big role in our lives. They are the places where most of us begin and end our day and, since the room is so private, it also offers a few moments of solitude. They’re also places to unwind from the stresses of the day with a hot shower or soak in a warm bath.

When considering a bathroom remodeling give considerable thought to both aesthetics and functionality, such as storage or waterproofing. Our professionals will walk through all the necessary considerations with you. We will customize your design to meet any need, be it an easy entrance shower for accessibility, or added durability with a Schluter system.

Bathroom renovation checklist

There are three areas of most importance in a bath and one is the cabinet. Does yours need total replacement, or just a refresh with new pulls and knobs? While cabinets and sinks come in all styles, we have a hint for small bathrooms. A cantilevered cabinet, which has an overhang, combined with a pedestal sink will maximize space. Others include:

  • Lighting. Poor lighting can make any space look small and cramped. Do you have natural light or is the room dark? Take a three-pronged approach, including ambient, which is some form of overhead illumination, with the addition of task and accent light.
  • Storage. Space is important to the design and function of any room, especially the bathroom. Be sure you can move about easily and efficiently. Consider adding shelves and towel bars; build niches in your shower remodeling; or use an adjacent closet.

Sometimes you just need a change of atmosphere. Look through the design pages to see what you like. It could be a rustic, organic feeling that can be achieved with wood look tile; an upscale spa mood, with some glass and marble tile; or a luxurious 5-star hotel quality with granite tile.



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Design from the (bathroom) floor up

Ceramic tile is an ideal choice because of its versatility. You can choose anything from a large format to small, highly decorated mosaics. While there are no set rules, keep proportion in mind; for example, a large format tile floor in a small bathroom will look awkward.

Small tiles, such as mosaics, are best for shower floors. The smaller sizes enable the installer to more easily create little curves in the mortar so water drains properly. Mosaics also give more friction because of all the grout lines. You’ll also want to consider what type of tile to put in your shower surround, on the walls.

Chandler's Floor & Wall Covering is your total flooring source and we specialize in shower and bathroom remodeling. Come into our showroom, especially if you live in Saint Albans, WV. We offer a free quote for everything you need from shower wall tile, tile flooring and everything in between.