Carpet terms that are helpful to know

You certainly don’t need to be a rug expert, but some terms will make things a lot easier when you shop for carpet. Any rug can transform your home with added warmth, charm, and elegance, but the right one will also make your life easier. That is because they have a list of benefits that may or may not increase depending upon installation.

Temperature insulation, or R-value

Most people associate heat loss or gain with doors or windows, but floors, too, have an impact and should also be considered. R-value is defined as the ability to resist thermal conductivity. The higher the number the better the insulation. Rugs have a high R-value, meaning it can retain heat in winter and diffuse it in the summer, lowering energy bills and keeping your home comfortable year-round.

Carper density and fiber twist

These are two terms that define the quality of a carpet installation. Density refers to how closely the fibers are tufted together and you can see it yourself when you bend back a sample card. Is there a lot of white space? Fiber twist refers to how many times the fiber is twisted per one-inch length and the higher the twist level, the more durable the rug. Twist only relates to high pile carpets like the shag or frieze where the fibers are long enough to twist.

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Rug pile

High pile rugs have long, loose fibers, like the shag or frieze. Low pile carpets have short, tightly woven fibers like the Berber style, cut and loop, or commercial grade rugs. The short pile rugs are easier to clean, which is why you always see them in offices. Saxony rugs are neither high nor low and fit into any decor.

Carpet fibers, the major component of any rug

Fibers come in natural and synthetic versions and the ultimate decision will depend on your needs. Natural fibers include wool which is beautiful, fluffy, and white. Synthetics include nylon, known for superior strength and resiliency, as well as polyester, recognized for its inherent stain resistance. Olefin is a budget-friendly synthetic also resistant to stains, while Triexta has the permanent stain resistance built right into the fiber.

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